LocalTalent.PH has launched a new Job Search Website in the Philippines to help reduce unemployment and underemployment

Davao City, Philippines: LocalTalent.PH officially launched a new job search website on 1st Feb 2023 to help reduce unemployment and underemployment. It also provides Filipino employers with a job search site with no signup fee; it allows for free signup and job posting for all Philippine employers. In addition, it claims to target more employment industries than any other job search site in the local market, with job role listings in medical, construction, farming, computing, BPO, hospitality, food and beverage, and many other industries.  

The leadership at LocalTalent.PH declared that they offer Free Signups for all job seekers to inspire more Filipino workers to log in and discover employment opportunities. The free job posting package for employers permits up to 3 job advertisements per month to be displayed publicly on the all-new job search website, with more than 1000 municipalities and regions comprised in the supported coverage area, covering the entirety of the Philippines.

The user dashboard for employers and job seekers is well laid out and straightforward to navigate for desktop and mobile users. One outstanding feature of the new job search site is the ability for job seekers to communicate directly with employers via the dashboard, easing concerns around privacy and security.

“We are very eager to announce our new website launch for Philippines job seekers to find jobs and for employers to post more smoothly than ever before,” said Marivel Garcia, Owner and Founder at LocalTalent.PH added: “We designed and developed LocalTalent.PH to supply the Philippines with a job search website that lets job seekers access numerous job possibilities across the nation while allowing local companies to advertise their open job roles.

Our goals are to make LocalTalent.PH an industry leader for employment searches online, with employers and job seekers, by being a complete job search website built for the Philippines. It’s our vision that by providing a Free Plan for employers to start listing jobs and offering job seekers Free signup and total usage of our job search website, we will see our website be the top job search site among my fellow countrymen and women.”

If you wish to visit the website, the link is https://localtalent.ph/ and take advantage of the Free signup for all employers and candidates.

LocalTalent.PH is an Online Marketing Company that helps Philippines employers advertise jobs for job seekers to apply for by providing a job search website that is open to all employers and job seekers. LocalTalent.PH is not a recruitment business but a marketing business that develops, designs, hosts, and supports a job search website that connects employers with candidates seeking jobs. It is headquartered in Davao City, Philippines, and has been in business since 2022.