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For immediate release: 30th Dec 2022

Marivel Garcia, Owner and Founder


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LocalTalent.PH launches a new Job Search Website in the Philippines with Free Signup

Davao City, Philippines: LocalTalent.PH launched a new job search website in December 2022 to provide Filipino employers with a new job search site. It claims to target more employment industries than any other job search site in the local market, with job role listings in medical, construction, farming, computing, coding and many other industries.

The management at LocalTalent.PH announced Free Signup for all employers and job seekers in aid to encourage more Filipino workers to log in and try to find employment. The free plan for employers allows for up to 3 job advertisements per month to be listed on the job search website, with over 1000 cities and regions included in the coverage area, making up the whole of the Philippines.

The user interface for employers and candidates is intuitive and easy to navigate on desktop viewing and mobile devices. One great feature of the new job search site is the ability for candidates to communicate directly with employers via the dashboard, reducing concerns around privacy and security.

“We are very excited about our new website launch for Philippines job seekers,” said Marivel Garcia, Owner and Founder at LocalTalent.PH added: “We developed LocalTalent.PH to provide the Philippines with a job search website that allows job seekers access to countless job opportunities nationwide while simultaneously providing local businesses with the chance to advertise open job roles. It’s our goal to see LocalTalent.PH become a market leader synonymous with employers and job seekers alike for being the most comprehensive job search website in the Philippines. It’s our vision that by providing a Free Plan for employers to start listing jobs and offering job seekers FREE signup and usage of our job search website, we will see our website be the top job search site among my fellow countrymen and women.”

The website is available at https://localtalent.ph/ and offers Free Signup for all employers and candidates.

LocalTalent.PH is an Online Marketing Company that helps Philippines employers advertise jobs for job seekers to apply for by providing a job search website that is open to all employers and job seekers. LocalTalent.PH is not a recruitment business but a marketing business that develops, designs, hosts, and supports a job search website that connects employers with candidates seeking jobs. It is headquartered in Davao City, Philippines, and has been in business since 2022.

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