4 Compelling  Reasons To Job Search Over The Holidays

It may seem counterintuitive, but the holiday season is actually an excellent time for job seekers to start looking for a new job. Fewer applicants mean more attention and focus on you – giving your resume a better chance of standing out! Networking events increase over the Holiday period, so this could be an opportune moment to connect with people who can offer valuable insights into potential roles or refer you directly! 

Make sure you act fast though; opportunities only stay around for a while. Take advantage of this unique season now!

During this time of year, there can be many advantages to continuing or launching a new search. Here are four compelling benefits when it comes to looking for a career change during the holiday season: 

1) Less competition – With fewer people vying for positions due to being unaware of how meritorious end-of-year searches can be, yours could become one that employers remember among limited resumes and applications they receive.  

2) Great networking opportunities – What better way than attending fun gatherings such as office parties and seasonal events like Christmas Markets or local celebrations, where contacts made in person allow you an invaluable chance at making yourself stand out against other applicants while impressing key industry players?    

3) More chances on offer – Businesses need staff throughout December, which means companies still hiring within their budgeted goals who could not find qualified candidates earlier in November now get another opportunity to fill these roles before 2022 arrives.   

4 ) Yearly reviews mean more movement – Managers often look back at bottom lines successes & failures leading them to reassign current employees whose work performance merits relocation elsewhere, allowing newly created vacancies ready waiting for those open-minded enough to seize potential promotions rising through the ranks come January 1st. 

Make the most of your free time this holiday season! It’s an excellent opportunity to finish out the year strong by giving a boost to your personal brand. Use it as a chance to give yourself some deserved recognition – update and showcase those key accomplishments on Linkedin, spruce up that resume you have been meaning to, all while reaching back out and reconnecting with friends who could help navigate future job opportunities

Seize the moment, and keep picking away at that search even if it’s only small steps; because starting over again come January is not easy or any fun (plus there are no guaranteed results). Letting these few weeks fly by without taking advantage would leave potential success behind.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of making a career move, this holiday season could be your chance. Investing just an hour or two each week towards building up your professional presence and honing that resume can make all the difference in starting 2022 off on the right foot! With some thoughtful work now, you’ll be ready for whatever fantastic new opportunity comes along next year. 

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