Residency Program for Software Developers

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Job Description

About the program:

This is NOT a job, but a scholarship. Once you have successfully completed our paid assessment and project and met the company’s standards upon evaluation, you will undergo the company’s 2-year residency program where you will have an intense training on programming while receiving a monthly allowance worth 25,000 php. Once you complete the residency program and reach the mark of being a seasoned developer, you will then have an opportunity to collaborate with our Senior Developers in building apps for our customers.

Benefits of this program:

1. Monthly allowance
– We give you a monthly allowance worth 25,000 php so you can focus on learning and growth without worrying about money.

2. Training and Coaching
– Our seasoned Senior Developers invest their time in mentoring and guiding you throughout the program.

3. Performance-based allowance increase
– You get rewarded as you are able to demonstrate your learning. As your value increases, your allowance also increases. By the end of the program, you can expect to receive roughly around 60,000 php per month.

4. Full-time employment opportunity
– After finishing the program, you’ll have an opportunity to become a full-time developer and build apps for our customers.

-Individuals without prior experience in programming are welcome
-Must have at least a background in programming — may it be gained from school, bootcamps, or by self-studying
-We are looking for individuals who have these qualities: (1) curiosity, (2) problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness, and (3) good work ethic and discipline

Job responsibilities

You get trained. If you do well and become better, you get rewarded. As you are able to demonstrate what you have learned, your value increases. When your value increases, your monthly allowance will also increase.