Technical Software Support

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Job Description

Helps client to Set up, Run the app and identify and resolve technical software issues.

Job responsibilities
Responsibilities and Duties: Helping clients identify and resolve technical software issues. Project Set Up for the client. This includes creating a Project, Importing Data, cloning a Project, adding Sub Contractors, Users, Spaces, Hotspots and Printable areas for clients Willingness to build professional relationships with staff and clients. Document and maintain software app functionality. Talking to clients through a series of actions to resolve a problem. Providing support in the form of having Trainings to the client.
Qualifications: Willingness to learn new skills. Technical Knowledge, Communication, Customer service, Problem Solving abilities and Analytical skills are needed. Must have at least a basic knowledge on technical aspects. Attention to details and good problem-solving skills. Punctuality in the place of work.