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About Company

About NCH

NCH Asia Pacific holds expertise and experience delivering industrial maintenance products, energy conservation services, water treatment solutions, and much more, all with high-performing results. With a vast wealth of knowledge and providing industry-leading solutions to the industrial, infrastructure and commercial maintenance sectors for over 100 years.

The story begins in 1919
In this time, the NCH corporation has continued to be the best company in the world, achieving industry break-throughs and unbeatable solution combinations for our customers. The hard work and dedication has been ongoing since day one, and we’re proud of our company accomplishments.

This sheer amount of history and experience has also resulted in some of our finest accomplishments:

Our expansion of industry maintenance solutions.
Our expert use of biologicals and water treatment practices.
Our pioneering of sustainability and innovations.

NCH Mission & Value

NCH Asia Pacific’s company mission and vision states that “We are going to be the best company in the world at cleaning water, conserving energy, and maintaining equipment that is economically desirable to our customers and environmentally responsible.

Saving water through water treatment processes, practicing energy conservation, and reducing operating costs are all important not only for our industries but also, increasingly, for public and commercial institutions. Customers value our offering based on:

Reliable, close, and personal relationships.
Expertise in understanding their operations.
Our technology delivers demonstrable benefits.
Our cautiousness of environmentally friendly industrial equipment and practices. It is with this mission firmly in our mind that we have developed a business strategy that is our roadmap in maintaining excellence in everything we do.

NCH Solutions
In pursuing our 100-year-old expert strategy, NCH Asia Pacific focuses efforts and investments on developing unparalleled knowledge, technical competency, and competitive differentiation on six platforms:

Chem-Aqua (Water Treatment)
Biological Wastewater Treatment
Parts Cleaning
Food Safety
Life Sciences
We believe in “people doing business with people” – NCH develops and grows a direct sales force network to nurture personal relationships, continuously enhance customer understanding, and drive market penetration.

NCH Sustainability
We recognize that our resources are finite and that we all have a part to play in making sure we can make our world a better place. That’s why NCH has created celebrated technology that cleans water. We also continually produce products that help save energy while maintaining your equipment so it will last and serve you longer.

The NCH Corporation is committed to sustainable practices now and will be for the next generation and the next 100 years.

NCH is our people supporting sustainability consciousness and training for better habits and choices for ourselves, our community and our environment. NCH is more than just products. We continue to commit to best practices in people, business management and sustainability.

The NCH Corporation is committed to sustainable practices now and will be for the next generation and the next 100 years.