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Jugro Transport Int’l Phils Corp. is one of the most prolific companies in the international logistics industry. ISO certified since 1998, and presently working towards ISO certification 2000, Jugro, as it is more commonly known, is committed to consistent professionalism in the performance of its service.

Jugro is, likewise, one of the pioneers in the industry having been established in 1982. Its Chairman, Mr. Julio G. Roxas Jr., has more than forty-four (44) years of experience not only in international logistics but in the shipping industry as well.

Jugro has firm financial foundations enabling it to offer a wide variety of services aimed at addressing the numerous concerns of its’ clients whenever cargo needs to be moved from one point to another.

From its Makati main office, the company has branches in Luzon. All are strategically located near economic or special zones to ensure prompt and efficient service. It also has a branch in Cebu City, where majority of our exporters in the South are located.

Over the years, Jugro has established an extensive global network of Business Partners and Agents. This provides the company with strength that makes it able to compete with multinational companies that proliferate the industry today.

Teamwork, innovation, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction have kept the company at the forefront of the industry. Jugro draws not only on its own years of experience in freight forwarding, but also relentlessly seeks and applies the latest trends and developments for the benefit of its clients.